Bee Removal Services

Our Bee Removal Services are friendly and Humane. We do not kill bees. Call on 0716044263

For all who understand the importance of bees in the environment, killing them is out of the question. By knowing that bees are important, you would find Bee Removal Services handy in circumstances where bees visit you when you least need them.

BRS Zimbabwe is a live bee hive removal company. We are so passionate about protecting this heritage. Contact us today

 Our Bee Removal Process

bee removal services harareWhen you discover a bee swarm in your property, our quick response team will be in your area within the shortest period of time. Depending on our bee removal job schedule and queu, we try to arrive at your place in a period of an hour or less. We remove bees at any time of the day.

Our always courteous and polite team will assess bee swarm location and surrounding area to calculate risk factors. Having been satisfied with all safety issues, the bee removal process involves among some other human activities smoking or drugging the bees so that their management becomes easy. Bees need special handling and can become cheeky if not handled well resulting in threat to life. That is one reason you should involve BRS, an experienced bee handling and management company.

After handling the bees, we remove, if there is any, hone combs and honey. After removing honey and combs, we spray a non-poisonous chemical on that location which prevents the bees from nesting there again. The bees will usually gather somewhere around the bee queen and finally fly away within a day or two, looking for another safe place where they can continue benefitting the ecosystem. Its rare that they spend more than two days around your property. If they do, we come and safely take them away.

Bee Removal Services
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Bee Removal Services
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We remove all your bees as safely as possible. Call today on 0772593344. We rarely kill bees unless it is absolutely necessary. Call us today for a free assessment. We operate 24/7 even in emergencies.

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